Destructive Trials

We perform destructive trials for the classification of materials, welding procedures, etc… This work is combined with others in our lines of action, such as qualification of welding procedures and welders, or the study of chemical composition. Our activities include the following:

  • Trials for the qualification of welding processes and welders and which include shearing, folding, hardnesses, toughness studies, microscopic or macroscopic studies.
  • Trials for the classification of materials, mechanical resistance, elastic limit, hardness and resilience.
  • Chemical analysis with spark, arc and/or X-ray equipment. This equipment is portable and can be used in the workshop although, should greater precision be required, the company is able to draw on laboratory resources.
  • Trials for the qualification of painting processes such as adherence trials, salt spray trials, etc…
  • We are able to carry out other trials in accordance with a client’s requirements, such as studies of corrosion, fatigue, fracture toughness, etc…