Industrial Flooring Specialist

Acrylicon is the foremost manufacturer and installer of Industrial Flooring and Triangle Engineering Ltd is its Representative in Gibraltar.

Having started in 1978 in Norway, Acrylicon is now operating internationally with offices in UK, America, Canada, Norway, Lithuania, Middle East and Europe. Acrylicon was started after finding that most customers have the same requirements for industrial floors.

  • Hygienic
  • Good Looking
  • Easy to Clean
  • Slip Resistant
  • Long Lasting with Minimal Repairs

Acrylicon then started manufacturing an industrial floor that performed to all of those requirements, and coupled it with controlled installation.

Industrial Flooring Overview
Industrial Floors have been used for a long time. Customers needed floors that were seamless, as joints were and still are the weak points in a floor. Because resin could be poured and either self levelling or trowel applied, large areas could be covered seamlessly. Also because of the high compressive strength of the system once cured, it provided a pore free and hard wearing surface. This means that dirt and marks stay on the surface and are easily cleaned. There are 4 different types of resin on the market today.

  • Epoxy
  • Polyurethane (PU)
  • Methylmethacrylic (MMA)
  • AcryliCon

Although they are all plastic resins, they have different properties. The Epoxy’s and PU’s are from the Thermo-set family of resins and the MMA’s and Acrylicon are from the Thermo-elastic resins. Acrylicon’s Industrial flooring systems combine the best properties of both, with Fast Cure, High Compressive Strength, Chemical Bond, Easy to Repair.

Industrial Flooring Images

Industrial flooring can be installed in almost any environment, and can be made aesthetically pleasing. Shops, Schools, offices, Garages, Food Factories, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Printing etc. Here are a few examples of Acrylicon Industrial Flooring Installations.

Hospital in Norway, floor out lasted the building. Although no longer in existence the floor survived 28 years of hard work, with almost no maintenance.
80,000 square meters of flooring laid at Hartwall Brewery.Global fish. Fishing is one of the hardest industries on flooring.

Industrial Flooring Products

We have listed the most popular Industrial Flooring Products we supply our clients:
We can combine different elements of our Acrylicon Industrial in different ways in order to tailor products to suit certain industries. It is certain that what is needed in a Fish Processing Factory is not the same as needed in a Football Stadium.